ILCA, sharing, caring and learning on a global scale


We are an association of language professionals that have come together with the following mission:

  • To develop and support language professionals in the practice of language coaching.
  • To centralize and unite individual and organizational practitioners of language coaching. 
  • To enhance thought leadership in language coaching and contribute to the 21st century learning experience.
  • To support language professionals in understanding how language coaching can support their learners in international communication. 
  • To provide language coaching to language learners when and where they need it through the continued support and development of language professionals. 

How do we function? 

We have two co-founders, Gabriella and Carrie, a small circle of founding members and a growing number of members - do join!

The International Language Coaching Association

Advocating and representing general language coaching issues and principles through an active and systematic network of practising language coaches and language professionals to enable further growth and development in a non-competitive environment where members support and value the contributions of others to encourage and enhance thought leadership in language coaching.

Our Aim

Our aim is to create an ongoing dialogue for language professionals about LC, which is about inclusion, not exclusion of language teaching practices. Language coaching works with a wide spectrum of impact compared to language teaching, as it incorporates broader issues that arise from communicating in a foreign language and a number of theories and techniques related to coaching. 

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Gabriella Kovács, ACC

Gabriella Kovács, ACC

Gabriella Kovács, ACC

Australian-born Gabriella is an internationally certified language coach, business communication trainer (B.Ed., M.A.), mentor and teacher trainer. She is behind the idea of founding an inclusive organisation to support all professionals interested in language coaching, which has become ILCA. Her mission is to add dimension to ongoing language learning practices and call attention to a more holistic, person-centred approach for language teachers. She has been providing trainings and workshops for teachers through webinars, f2f and online workshops and training programmes. She has supported the approach to instruction and classroom dynamics of language instructors of various tertiary educational institutions in Hungary, besides working with her private and corporate clients on various projects as a language coach and trainer. Gabriella contributes to websites and FB groups with guest blog posts. She is based in Hungary and travels to contribute to professional conferences by leading truly interactive workshops for language teachers.


Carrie McKinnon

Gabriella Kovács, ACC

Gabriella Kovács, ACC

 Carrie is an American linguist and entrepreneur specialized in business communication training, program direction, and content creation in ESL. Her professional experience has taken her from The United States to Casablanca, Morocco where she owns a language training company. She consults for global higher education institutions in North America, and runs various soft skills and teacher training programs funded by the U.S. department of state. Carrie's educational background is in applied linguistics and global higher education (BS, M.S.Ed). Carrie's passion for the lessons and programs she creates to help language learners with their goals has led her to language coaching and the study and development of language coaching tools and techniques that can be applied in a language and soft skills training setting.  Carrie is a mindful skills acquisition specialist and international speaker working with corporate clients to promote the adoption of mindfulness in skills and foreign language acquisition. She  is  the proud co-founder (ICLA) dedicated to spreading the global practice of language coaching.


To learn more about Language Coaching and the ILCA philosophy download this free booklet. 

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