Current Selection of Courses


Language Coaching Foundation Course

The foundation course is designed to help you learn how to adopt a coaching mindset and have a sound background to start from. This course is for language teachers making the transition into becoming an active language coach or looking to incorporate language coaching techniques into their teaching tool kit. 

Language Coaching Expansion Course

This course is the next step on your Language coaching journey after completing the Foundation Course or if you are already a certified coach. These 4 modules will expand your coaching competencies through strengthening existing coaching foundations and models. We focus on leading dialogue-based coaching processes with versatility and flexibility as well as the development of the skill of deviating from your coaching models. If you're not sure if you qualify to join this level II course, please contact us and we will walk you through any questions that you have. 

Visual and Kinesthetic Coaching Tools

What does the toolkit of a teacher using visual and kinesthetic LC tools look like?  

This course offers a fun opportunity to step out of the space provided by books with active participation in a creative online environment. Together we will explore how visuality can be exploited in LC processes, how a drawing, an image or photo can add to the perception of the self of a language learner and how the process of language learning can be depicted in a variety of forms.

How Courses Can Support You


Our programmes consist of comprehensive, detail-focused practical trainings and workshops on how to acquire language coaching techniques, the coaching skills needed to support your work when you are teaching/training language learners, target language users.