A Language Coach's Guide to Working Online

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What we have to offer in the field of teacher development:

- guidelines to understand the foundations of language coaching practises in its pure form when coaching clients individually, and also when using a coaching framework in the classroom or training room with groups/teams. 

- various online programmes (webinars, online courses) focusing on a wide scope of themes. 

- providing articles, writings on themes relating to LC from a wide assortment of language professionals passionate about LC.

How Can We Specifically Support You?

 Supervision for teachers who need guidance and advice concerning LC issues and how to take their learnings further. You would receive one-to-one support and feedback on your coaching / coaching approach in your language teaching.  

Available in 4 / 8 / 12 hour packages.

 Online teacher trainings for teachers who wish to learn more about how language coaching can be built into existing teaching practices. This comes in the form of webinars and a series of trainings on various aspects of LC:  learner engagement, motivation, responsibility, working in partnership, supportive language coaching tools, working on the language learning journey – all through adopting the language coaching approach to ensure top results 

for you and your learners. 

Additionally, LC is available for those who need it: clients, learners, users of a target language.

Language coaching is for individuals who:

  • Are outstanding in their professional and personal skills, but are found lacking when it comes to applying their English and other foreign language communication skills at a higher level
  • Think they will never be successful presenters etc. because of their foreign language skills
  • Are limited in their career because of their English or other foreign language skills
  • Have been given new tasks, projects at their company and cannot focus on the language challenges this involves
  • Have limited time to prepare for a professional event using English
  • Wish to have a peak performance moment at their job interview
  • Cannot move beyond a certain level of English or second language fluency and have goals to reach (e.g. language exam,  engaging in small talk with friends, travel etc.)

This is available in 4 / 8 / 12-hour packages.

If you find these services useful and wish to receive more information and participate in one of these programmes, contact us.