What is the Language Coaching Approach?

Language coaching is an applied methodology incorporating coaching fundamentals into the language learning context. The role of a language coach is to support and empower the learner on their self-led learning journey. LC focuses on the learners' communication outcomes and learning processes in their professional and personal environments, instead of working with pre-defined lesson objectives.  A language coaching approach will embed the basic LC framework and specific elements into language teaching or training practices.

The objective of every coaching process is to assist the learner in self reflection and critical evaluation of their language usage as well as to assist them in defining and using the tools they need to progress in their target language.

At ILCA we provide Language Coach Training and support for language coaches at various stages in their journey. 

Outcomes of Applied Language Coaching

Corporate Impact of Language Coaching

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The ILCA Language Coaching Definition


What is Language Coaching?


Our definition is: 

Language coaching is a learner-led process aimed at creating optimal target language acquisition while working towards effective international communication skills in order to reach future-related goals.  

The framework is based on strategies utilising intrinsic motivation and developing awareness, where the coaching practice develops and refines learning skills. Both parties (coach and coachee) share responsibility for the process and its success equally, with coachees taking ownership for their own learning and development.

As a result of the process the coachee will learn to gain control of their language learning and target language communication processes for general or workplace purposes.