The ILCA Founding Members

Founding Members Mission Statement

Founding members are a vital part of the ILCA philosophy celebrating varied backgrounds and approaches to language coaching.  We came together to provide a wider perspective on this emerging niche and share the practical and theoretical, research-based knowledge and skills we each have acquired over the years.  

It is this richness and diversity that enables ILCA to be an association where collaborative efforts are made to ensure professional standards and norms are in place, so that when you learn about language coaching, when you decide to apply language coaching, you will be learning from the best in the field.

We hope our contributions are worthy of your time – and would appreciate any feedback you may have.

If you have a specific question you would like to ask a founding member on their specialization, feel free to ask via e-mail at:, addressing the member you would like to get in touch with. 

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Martin Richards CPCC


Boelo Van Der Pool is a life-long learner. He was born Dutch and learned English, German and French during school years. Later in life he learned basic Indonesian and also speaks fluent Spanish as he has been living in Spain since 1994. Back in 1999 Boelo and his Spanish wife started an international language centre in Málaga which currently caters for approximately 1.100 students per year. In 2017 he finished a Masters Degree in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence and has been coaching language students and teachers ever since. In 2018 this local language coaching experience transformed into an Erasmus + project called L2 Lifestyle, where Boelo is one of the leading partners. He is a regular speaker about Language Coaching on ELT conferences and offers teacher training in Language Coaching techniques.

Boelo can be contacted here:


André Hedlund

Martin Richards CPCC


André Hedlund was a Chevening scholar with the 2018 cohort and received an MSc in Psychology of Education from the University of Bristol in the UK. He has been a pedagogical consultant for National Geographic Learning for 5 years, and an EFL teacher for over 15 years, having worked both as an academic coordinator and a CaMLA (Cambridge and Michigan Language Assessments) examiner at a Brazilian Binational Center.

Currently, he is the president of Partners of the Americas Goiás (POA-GO) and the representative of the BRAZ-TESOL’s Mind, Brain, and Education Special Interest Group in the Midwest. With POA-GO, André has designed and coordinated an 80-hour competency-based immersion English training program, being directly in charge of hiring, creating and delivering classes to 300 public high school students who received scholarships from the Goiás Without Borders program to study in the USA.

André has also been offering courses, workshops, and lectures in Brazil and abroad and discusses education, methodology, and neuroscience/psychology-related topics on his blog With Educational Development Courses (#edcrocks), André uses social media and online platforms to offer professional development for teachers and education professionals.

Andre can be found here:


Martin Richards CPCC

Martin Richards CPCC

Martin Richards CPCC

Martin Richards is an author and inspirational speaker in secondary schools. He is an experienced educator and facilitator who began teaching Mathematics over 30 years ago where he applied a 'coach approach' to teaching. He is currently a coach and mentor for teachers, course leaders and coaches in Scandinavia and is passionate about connecting teacher’s purpose with the greater Educational Aims.

Martin received his Teacher training at Sussex University and is PGCE Course Certified as ACC coach since 2008, by ICF, International Coach Federation. He also trained as a Co-Active® Coach through CTI, Coaches Training Institute, and ORSC®, Organization Systems and Relationships Coach through CRR Global.

Martin can be found here:

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Michelle Hunter

Michelle Hunter

Michelle Hunter

Michelle Hunter has worked as a business English in-company trainer and university adjunct for over 20 years in Germany and the UK. While studying for a post-graduate certificate in personal and business coaching, she became drawn to the work of Nancy Kline and the 10 components of a Thinking Environment. In applying this way of coaching – giving uninterrupted attention in particular – to her teaching practice, she has developed a form of language coaching that is both congruent with her personal values, and offers learners a thinking environment within which to learn.

You can contact Michelle here:


David Guerrero

Michelle Hunter

Michelle Hunter

Colombian-born David Guerrero is a multilingual (Spanish/English/Japanese) industrial engineer, language trainer, and coach that specializes in helping companies and individuals overcome language barriers. Before assuming his current corporate position driving globalization initiatives at a Tokyo-headquartered IT powerhouse, Guerrero worked for five years as a language trainer and consultant. He is now actively involved in creating content that allows learners to maximize their enjoyment of acquiring a new language using blended learning techniques and CLIL in a scalable way. To accomplish this, he utilizes language coaching as an integral tool to help people find meaningful reasons to engage with their learning experience. Guerrero is also a member of the IATEFL Business English Special Interest Group (BESIG) and has presented internationally. He is a founding member of the International Language Coaching Association (ILCA) and is committed to making language coaching the next progression of the ESL industry.

David can be found here:


Duncan Foord

Michelle Hunter

Duncan Foord

Duncan Foord is the Director of OxfordTEFL, Barcelona. He has 30 years experience in

language teaching, teacher training and school leadership and management. He is the

author of “From English Teacher to Learner Coach” (with Dan Barber, The Round 2014)

The Developing Teacher (Delta Publishing, 2009) and The Language Teachers Survival

Handbook with Lindsay Clandfield (Its Magazines, 2008). He is lead trainer on the

OxfordTEFL Leadership in ELT course (on line and face to face).

You can contact Duncan here:

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Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat is a true practitioner, a Business English Coach who helps senior business professionals communicate more effectively in English with their international colleagues and clients. She is based in London, UK.

Before becoming a language coach in 2010, she spent 20 years in the world of finance and was surprised to see that the course books used in Business English classrooms didn’t reflect reality, which is why she developed her own approach to teaching effective communication in business English, much sought after by clients.

Instead of speaking more, learning more words or working on grammar, she encourages her clients to reflect on how they communicate, and as they analyse their communication habits and apply the strategies they have learned, they notice how their communication patterns change.

She offers these services through her various language coaching programmes.

Shanthi can be found here:


Judy Thompson

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat

Canadian Judy Thompson is a university graduate (B.A. in English), TESL Certified, Language Assessor (CLBA) and author of numerous ESL/EFL manuals including ‘English is Stupid, Students are Not’. Early in her teaching career she noticed Listening and Speaking skills were under-served in the industry and she set about reinventing the content and approach to Pronunciation and Conversation instruction. In 2019 Judy shared ‘Three Secrets You Need to Know About Spoken English’ in a TEDx video. Word of the success of her simple, inclusive approach spread via social media and her international reputation grew. Judy’s books have sold in more than 50 countries. The corporate world discovered Judy’s expedient program significantly impacted their bottom line. She became a business coach specialising in effective oral communication. When Judy was introduced to Gabriella Kovacs and Carrie McKinnon their common goals were apparent. The certification ILCA offers gives shape, formality and credibility to the coaching process Judy had stumbled upon organically. ILCA is defining the future of language teaching and Judy is thrilled to be a part of it.  

If a learner can’t speak English confidently and competently after 30 hours of training, they didn’t fail you did.” Judy Thompson

Judy can be contacted here:


Ruth Hughes

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat

Ruth Hughes

Ruth Hughes is a coach, educator, consultant, and professional speaker in the fields of

coaching psychology, positive psychology, positive education, culture shock and international student wellbeing. After thirty years as a teacher and senior leader, Ruth an MSc in Applied Positive Pscyhology and Coaching Psychology, founding her company Curious Human in 2018. Ruth is a part-time Panel Tutor on the Coaching Certificate at Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education; Coach/Coaching Project Manager, Guest Lecturer and Academic Advisor at the University of East London; Executive Coach

with Compass Coaching (working with leaders in African charities) and Associate Consultant with Worth-it Positive Education, delivering Positive Education training and coaching in schools and organisations supporting and championing young people. She has authored/co-authored articles on international student wellbeing in StudyTravel magazine, The Pie magazine and the English UK website. Ruth has spoken at seminars and conferences

including ICEF Berlin; English UK Academic Conference; LLE Conference, Bristol; The Positive Psychology Symposium at New Bucks University; British Psychological Society Special Focus Coaching Group International Conference, TENS Academic Conference, Bournemouth, English UK Student Wellbeing Conference, English UK Southwest Academic

Conference, LonDOSa/LonSSMa/EUK Wellbeing training London, BETA Wellbeing training, London and the BSA/BAISIS/AEGIS Conference. Ruth can be contacted here:

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Gabriella Ferenczi

Gabriella Ferenczi

Gabriella Ferenczi

Gabriella Ferenczi is a German and Hungarian language teacher and trainer, based in London UK. She is the founder of ProLingua Global, a boutique language training company that specialises in language training and coaching programmes for finance executives exclusively.

Gabriella uses elements of the coaching approach when working with clients and encourages fellow language teachers and colleagues to incorporate coaching tools into their teaching practices for the benefit of clients and teachers alike.

She is also the host and organiser of Language Professionals' Networking Event, an interdisciplinary monthly social gathering in Central London.

Recently, she started to publish a series of articles on effective marketing strategies for entrepreneurial language teachers, and also delivers webinars around marketing hacks, tools and best practices that worked for her.

Her goal is to support and facilitate the whole language industry by encouraging fellow training providers to be more creative and innovative in the way they market themselves.

Gabriella's message: You can be a great teacher, but you must beat the drum for it. If you don't market yourself effectively, then you don't show up for those who'd resonate to your particular offering and you lose out on having a steady stream of clients.

Gabriella can be contacted here: 


Analia Duarte

Gabriella Ferenczi

Gabriella Ferenczi

Analía Duarte is a graduate Teacher of English and a

Scientific-Literary Translator (Universidad del Salvador). She

did a BA in English (Universidad del Salvador), an MA in ELT

and Applied Linguistics (University of London, England) and an

MA in Organizational Psychology (Universidad de Belgrano).

She is an ICF-certified ontological coach. She will earn her 3-

year degree in Ontological Leadership in Dec 2020 (ICP). She

does executive and team coaching. She designs, implements and

facilitates soft skills development programs and processes

focusing on the impact of competencies on the business. She specializes in intercultural

communication in business contexts. She has been delivering Business English training

since 1990. She created the innovative and autonomy generating LEAPS learning

methodology, especially designed to meet the needs of the global pool of talent in today’s

organizations. She is the owner and Director of LEAPS Innovative English Methodology.

Also, she is a teacher trainer, a speaker in conferences and a university lecturer in Second

Language Acquisition, Adult Learning, and Business English.

Analia can be contacted here: